Bouncy castle with soft play selection – ideal for pre-school and
children up to 12 years.

Selection of soft play items including Rody hoppers, blocks, soft play animals and character floor cushion.  Equipment provided will vary in colour, etc. 

The four castles below are suitable for children up to 12 years of age – like size users only on the equipment at any one time.

Floor space required is approx 14′ wide x 30′ in depth (front to back).

Scuttlebugs are only suitable for very young children (3-4 years).

Knights Castle with Soft Play £90

Sealife Castle with Soft Play £90

Jungle Bouncy Castle with Soft Play £100






The adult bouncy castle is available for larger events.  Bouncy castle is suitable for adults / teenagers OR children ie. only like size users on the equipment at any one time.

adult bouncy castle with soft play for community celebrations and events

Adult Bouncy Castle with Soft Play – £150 to hire